About Us

Pacific Starr Group, LLC, a privately held real estate investment company, was founded in 1995. It has extensive experience with all types of real estate in all economic cycles. Its co-founders, have combined real estate experience of more than 80 years.

Pacific Starr acquires, manages, adds value and then disposes of real estate opportunities in California. Its goal is to maximize overall investment and return goals. It believes that each property or portfolio should be managed as an operating business. Focused on intrinsic values, Pacific Starr has achieved success by applying creative and flexible business plans, hands on professional management, attention to the bottom line and optimization of the capital markets.

It has a proven and substantial record of success over more than two decades and is highly regarded for its critical assessment, decision making, creative and disciplined approach, its management and value realization.

Pacific Starr also provides various real estate advisory and consulting services to assist and support selected clients maximize the value of their real estate holdings and assist them with their other real estate needs.